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Bblingua Spanish School is a school specialized in Spanish courses for foreigners. We started this exciting project in June 2016 and we carry on with our journey to this day.

With enthusiasm and very heart we have decorated and reformed our school all by ourselves, naturally we are very proud of what our school has become, a unique place with full of life.

We have 4 classrooms with a capacity of between four and eight students. Each one of them is equipped with WiFi, a whiteboard and air conditioning. In addition, you will find a student area, an interior patio, a reception, a kitchen, a teacher´s room and a restroom.

Our school is located in the Alameda, historic center of Seville. Alameda is one of the areas of Seville with more personality, without a doubt, the most cosmopolitan and diverse, a huge variety of shops, bars, restaurants etc.



The Mission of BBLINGUA Spanish School is to provide  the best Spanish language education and family environment.

We believe that learning a new language is one of the best investments someone can make in his or her life We believe that our students are entitled to:
  • Highly skilled, motivated, and inspiring teachers.
  • A stimulating school environment where they are treated as individuals.
  • Friendly, problem-solving and professional staff.
We believe in honesty and fairness We challenge ourselves constantly to improve our standards We don’t dwell on problems, we solve them



Happy Students






Approved Students


Our school is small, which means it is easier to feel comfortable, get to know people, and make friends. Students, teachers, and admin staff are one big family at our school. Together we create a perfect enviroment for learning and having fun.


All of us teachers specialise in teaching languages. We have many years of experience and we are accredited as DELE examiners by the Cervantes Institute.


We have chosen to use a communicative methodology which is focused on action and centred around the pupil. We have a weekly programme with content and objectives for each level which remains flexible to group needs and serves as a guide for the studies co-ordinator, the teacher, and the pupils.


We teach our courses to small groups with a maximum of 8 students.



It is very important to us that our students are happy, and that they feel comfortable at Bblingua. We will help you, and give you advice whenever you need it.



We want to offer you more than a Spanish course, we want to offer you a great experience.




Our team is made up of qualified teachers (with Degrees in Spanish Language and Literature) who have extensive experience of teaching Spanish as a foreign language, and we have long been accredited as official DELE examiners. 

We are a team that has worked side by side for ten years, and we also have professional experience in other areas. All this has led us to identify the real needs of our students, and now we are able to understand what really works. Our foundations are: quality of teaching, closeness, and personal treatment.

The whole team is 100% involved in the BBLINGUA project. The teachers and admin team are BBLINGUA, and we consider ourselves responsible for all aspects of your learning process. We are all involved in offering you a personalized service. Your achievements are our satisfaction, and so we will do everything possible to make sure that you succeed!

Sarah Park

Founder and school director. Born in South Korea, studied and lived in London & Seville more than 25 years. 20 years of professional experience in managing, marketing and sales.

Jesús Márquez

Head of Studies and Finance Manager
Founder. Degree in Spanish Language and Literature. Specialized training in ELE Accredited as official DELE examiner. More tan 15 years of experience in teaching Spanish as a foreign language.

Andrea Duval

Spanish Language teacher
Degree in Humanities. Specialized training in ELE. Accredited as official DELE examiner. More than 10 years of experience in teaching Spanish as a foreign language.

Verónica Fernández

Spanish Language teacher
Degree in French Philology. Master's Degree in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language. Accredited as an official DELE examiner. More than 10 years of experience in teaching Spanish as a foreign language.


If you are looking for a school that is experienced in giving Spanish classes, don’t hesitate to contact Bblingua. Find out about everything we offer!

You choose from all our classes (at 5 levels from A1 to C1), their duration and their start date, depending on your needs. We also care about making your experience positive all-round: we help you to choose the right accommodation for you, we provide you with airport transport, and we organise all sorts of activities alongside the courses, so that you continue learning about Spanish and the city’s culture in a fun way.

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